Here you'll find information about AERobot, the simple low-cost robot for introductory programming and robotics education. Use the buttons above or the following links to learn more about building the hardware or buying a pre-made kit, installing the drivers and using the graphical programming environment, sample activities with the robot, or recent announcements.

Be sure to read this page before getting started or if you encounter problems!

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AERobot line-following

Quick overview

AERobot is intended for students around middle school age. No previous robotics or programming experience is required.

A moderate level of comfort with technology is suggested for teachers. AERobot is by design a very simple device, and can be frustrating if you're expecting a polished high-end appliance. Anyone can use it, and you don't need to be programming Arduinos or designing circuits in your spare time, but the less experience you have with hardware, the more time you'll want to spend playing with the robot and going over the documentation before bringing dozens of them into your classroom.

AERobot's features: